I never thought it could be like this
a thousand nights not so much as a kiss
i wake in the dark and nobody’s there
nothing but emptiness and despair

comforting words hang like death in the air
so many people but who really cares

give me something to hope for
i need just one reason to live

i never dreamed it could be like this
a thousand days and nobody to miss
and those that are close are so far away
the ones that i love have all gone away

i lost all i had though it wasnt so much
i had very little but now i have none

give me a reason to live
cos i need something i can believe
give me something to hope for
i need just one reason to live

“Long Way Gone”

Once you seemed so far away immeasurably
an echo from the future looking back at me
you set a fire in my soul i never guessed
that any man could ever be so blessed
by space are we divided, yet not in time
a memory of you somehow fills my mind
i check off every day and i count the nights

‘cos i’m a long way gone
and i’m always

A tale with no beginning that never ends
a journey to the future undiscovered lands
this feeling deep inside of me i never knew
that anyone could ever be but you
by seas are we divided but not at heart
a memory of you it somehow floods my mind
too tragic to remember but i can’t forget

‘cos i’m a long way gone
and i’m always

[Sing-Song. A nursery rhyme book. ... With ... illustrations by


Some things were never meant to last.
a flame can burn out much too fast..
i gave it all it all went wrong
i wrapped it so tight but it came undone

So I wander through the night, let the shadows hold me tight
seeking shelter from the light
‘cos i’d lost what you had found. and it all came crashing down
and the walls came tumbling down, down,
right down
all the way down

Sometimes a rose can fail to bloom,
a heart can be cut out by a thorn
i lived on hope and then hope fled,
nobody knows how much i bled

So I wandered through the night, let the shadows hold me tight
seeking shelter from the light
‘cos i’d lost what you had found,and i fell right through the ground
and i went crashing down
to a place i knew so well, i believe they call it Hell
but you know i rose once more, just like i did before,
just like i will again – and again until the end
and again until the end.

there’s still so much to explore, so many open doors
and mountains left to climb.
i still got all the time
in the world
and more stories left to tell
as long as my heart beats
as long as i still breathe
it’s never too late
as long as i still live
there’ll always be another chance

“Me and My Ghost” (Day 1 sketch)


the rooms lie empty
and silent
the house long abandoned now
so far away in time and space
your pretty face just a memory
that follows me

through the corridors to the bedroom door
and there you’ll find me lying on the floor
the candles blown out one by one

across the landing down the spiral stair
a tap on my shoulder but there’s no-one there
lamps in the ballroom flicker to red
music plays from the speakers
but the power is dead

and the music plays…


The garden is barren and the seeds can no longer be sown
the leaves lie withered and nothing has grown

the flowers i tended have wilted and turned to gray
the petals have fallen and all blown away

and all the tears from my eyes won’t bring this back to life

the pictures are fading and the words can no longer be read
what was once so alive is now finally dead

the music forgotten and the rhymes all remain unheard
the verses abandoned the chorus unlearned

Every ship in the harbour is sailing away
and all the sea in the ocean will not wash away
all the pain.

Illustrirte Weltgeschichte: ein Buch für's Volk ... Mit Tabell